Physical Therapy Technician

Have you ever been strapped into a wheel chair, boarded a bus, visited the mall (including the rest room), and stared up flights of stairs and escalators while juggling bulky packages? If you had attended the PTT class at New Start, your answer would be yes.

Accidents and crippling illnesses strike thousands of Valley residents of all ages. Helping licensed physical therapists restore their bodies and prolong their quality of life appeals to hundreds of New Start students every year.

For two intensive weeks, PTT students (who, by now, are CNAs) study body systems, terminology, equipment, and basic procedures commonly performed by therapists in rehab centers. Visits to local clinics increase their understanding of treatment facilities and techniques.

You deserve a good job and our work coordinator will help you get it. With a master’s degree in business administration, she will give you up-to-date info: Who’s hiring? Where to go. Who to see. What to wear. You’ll practice interviews and use the computer to make your own resume, applications, and business cards for an attractive portfolio, complete with certificates and letters of recommendation.

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